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Asexuality on Turcker 01st January 2006 interview on KNBC


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Carlos Turcker: We arrive the hidden segment with Jesus Dario he's 22 years old he's asexual he's virgen and he doesn't wannas to be priest and less he doesn't wants sex

What is difference between celibacy and asexuality?


Jesus Dario: The celibacy is a choice the people choice have or not have sex the asexuals we do not desire sex i not not i don't desire sex i do not desire have with others people.


Carlos Turcker: You don't think much in sex?


Jesus Dario: I do not think much in sex i am not that person that thinks much in sex the majory of the people thinks in sex.


Carlos Turcker: The people has a porn mind?


Jesus Dario: The people has a porn mind the brain of the people is full of porn the people inside of theirs brains have a porn chip that chip i can not process it.


Carlos Turcker: When you were nomined as asexual?


Jesus Dario: When i was 14 years old or 15 years old my friends told about sex whose topics i do not understanted my friends told of conquists of girls i am not attracted none gender i didn't felt sexually attracted to none of my classmaters of the school.


Carlos Turcker: The asexuals people can have fetish, kinda or practice BDSM?


Jesus Dario: Yes! Theare people that is asexual that practices the fetish or have BDSM or practices kinda but the sex drive goes not directed toward anyone is a reaction of the sexual answer by the objectum nothing more. 


Carlos Turcker: You'd be sexually aurosed but you don't feel that desire to do it?


Jesus Dario: is exact i would be horny or hot but my sex drive goes not directed to none gender i would be horny but my sex drive goesn't directed toward none gender toward anyone.


Carlos Turcker: The asexuals people have romantic relationships?


Jesus Dario: Offcourse there are people that are asexuals and have a vincle or have romantic relationships.


Carlos Turcker: You has tast the goat cheess?


I never tasted the goat cheess i ate cow cheess i watched in the market goat cheess but i didn't had the impulse to buy the goat cheess but the cow cheess is very delicious.


Carlos Turcker: Okey Jesus Dario thanks for this interview.


Jesus Dario: Thanks so much.


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