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Asexuality on Btv


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On Btv TV's Channel is mentioned the asexuality exist a new community with an sexual orientation that is oriented toward none gender Jesus Dario he's asexual he's virgen he never desired sex and does part of the asexual community 


Jesus Dario: I do not feel none desire engage in any sexual activity with others i think that i borned without sex drive i do not have sex drive to do it my sex drive goes not directed to none gender 


Moreover Jesus Dario is fan of the Basketball yet that does not practices 


Jesus Dario: When i was 14 years old i didn't felt attracted to none gender i didn't felt attracted toward my friends of the school i think that started to be asexual to my 14 years old i didn't understanted nothing 


The asexuality is an sexual orientation moreover if you want more asexuality continue with Btv News.

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