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Changes of asexual policy


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Changes of the asexual policy 


These changes only goes to affect me these are changes of the asexual policy the policy are conditions, that the people use or have by live an life without desire without rules or without sex will be hard but promise or not promise these changes goes with me and goes with other ace these changes goes to do applied only to this person there are that remember that the asexuality is not policy but for get or use the asexual label for time undefine is necessary realize changes in this policy, this currently asexual policy this is my asexuality policy the change will be with me or by me as visibilizate and give inclusion to the LGBTQA+ the asexuals people should be included inside of the LGBTQA+ community be represented in the society and groups so meself nomined as asexual.


1.1 Change 1st. 

Am i asexual why? 


Since that i was 14 years old i hasn't experienced sexual atraction toward none gender i didn't felt attracted by the girls and boys of my school, never i desired have sex with none of my friends of the school never i felt attracted to none gender and if everyone question why am i asexual? Okey simply since young i has lived this since young i didn't felt sexually attracted by none gender.


1.2 Change 2nd.

I don't feel any desire?


Okey this autoquestion is simply or easy to reply is that when one is teenager or very young the young people feel desires but i didn't feel any sexual desire when was i young start of the 14 years old to my beggins of my asexuality when i was young i don't feel any desire engage in any sexual activity, or when i'm with someone without import the gender i won't feel that sex drive to have sex is that simply with this asexual policy i'm respecting is that i don't feel the sex drive to have an sexual contact with someone or with others i don't feel the sex drive engage in any sexual activity with others i do not feel none desire to do it with others does not imports yes is consensued to finally i won't feel the sex drive to have an sexual contact with others is say is that i go not to search to someone for have an sexual contact if is woman or man is that my sex drive goes not directed toward none gender and this asexual policy is for have my asexual label or tag.


2.Change 3rd.

I going to watch sexual content example: Porn or XXX or sex movies?


The sex is anywhere i wouldn't scape of this the society has builded the pornography but the pornography goesn't rest the asexual label the porn can put in risk the asexual label the example if i'm watching porn i going not feel the sex drive to have sex i am a growing up but i don't have desire to have an sexual contact the movies for adults where is applied the sex does not imports if is erotical movie or porn movie boths are differents but is relationed with the sex the sex scenes i do not see me inside or participating in an sexual scene and if i'd be in that sexual scene inside of my mind arrive the asexuality in me i gon't to feel that sex drive to have an sexual contact would masturbating me but without the necessity to have a partner or friends in sexuals roles 


3. Change 4st 

Do not violate the asexual policy?


I jure and promise i do not violate the asexual policy the earlies changes.

Already mentioned simply watch porn or have an erection or to be horny but that does not violate the asexual policy and i'll follow being asexual 


• I watch porn but i do not attracts the people?


Have sex or go to have sex or since that i was young i didn't felt attracted to none gender i watch the contened but i going not to feel me attracted the people i don't feel attracted by the men and women i am not attracts none gender but the situation as the trheesomes or DP would aurosal me but i did not saw inside of those scenes mentioned.


• Have erection the asexuality does not applied to have or does not have erections the erections are of anyway nature is say to everyone the men have erections is something biological simply i would have an erection that does not means it that am i go to have sex the erections are an anyway nature or the anyway to ready for the sexual activity i would be sexually aurosed but i go not feel the desire to have sex with others.


• To be horny but my mind does not desire nothing sexual i would be horny or hotty but i do not feel desires engage in any sexual activity i am horny an example: but i don't go to feel the desires to have sex with anothers that's is asexual 


Follow this asexual policy and i going to change but the changes goes to me 


4.Change 5th.

Garlic bread seriously?


The asexual community is evolutionin' the garlic bread really what does means it this? The garlic bread inside of the asexual community the cake existed but also is the garlic bread to how flavos the garlic bread exists the onion potato chips, exists the blue corns nachos saled crackers or the jinger vine this is applied in time to have sex or an sexual contact i prefer eat garlic bread i am asexual and the asexual policy says that the garlic bread is important for my asexual policy change as asexual the garlic bread would be delicious.


Are changes applid only to me.

Thanks so much.

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