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Arromantic spectrum awareness week article 1


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The arromantic spectrum awareness week is an event where is celebrated the arromanticism and his spectrum this event is for visibilizate the term of arromanticisism for visibilizate, educate or give support is for visibilizate the term of arromantic or arromanticisism and his umbrella term this prestigious event is celebrated per every person that is identified as aro (arromantic) the event starts per the third week of Febraury here we go to explain what is celebrates in this event; explain what is the arromanticisism the relationships and the spectrum and amatornomativity and other type of relationships.

What is Arromanticism?

The arromanticism is a colloquial term based in that the person feel little or no romantic atraction to others people not confuse arromantic with asexual term the arromantic people can have any identity of Gender or can or not can feel sexual atraction some ones arromantics are asexuals others not but the society affirmes the opposite the arromanticism is associated as a lack of romantic atraction there are arromantics that are Heterosexuals, Homosexuals (Gay or Lesbians) bisexuals pan, trans and non binary Aros that are Neurodivergent Austhic, Asperger the arromanticisism is based per lack of feeling of romantic love toward others.

But the arromanticism is an spectrum where the person would be between the arromanticism and alloromanticism.

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