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Living my life being single arromanticisism


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Living the singleism being aromanticism


To be single or have a civil status where one is single without partner without love but so same being solitary or playing game of cards as the Solitaire or jail cards one as young or in his youth being single living the loneliness be single is the best of my life this has been something good.

The majory of aromantics are singles or have couple but the majory do not feel love by their couple the arromantics are singles or others marrieds but the divorces happeness when the person doesn't feels love the type of intimacy love that love romantic whose love the arromantic doesn't feels love by his or her couple but desires her to her or his couple has desire others not the love goes not with the desire are distincts.


To be with couple without love the arromantics feel love other type of love not the intimacy love if not love by theirs folks families pets or things so same the arromantics can prefer have a queer platonic relationship (QPR) or to be singlers or live with familie and friends or alones are not feeling romantic love or does not desires fall in loves of others that is the arromantic person celebrate the singleism being arromantic is a good beggin for explain this spectrum.


The arromanticisism has been almost not received part of the LGBTQA+ community whose members or gremies of every state or county does not includes or visibilizate or educate to the same community sometimes the arromantics people need an space for can have support and visibility there are arromantics that are queers 

The Queers platonics relationships have not nothing that see with be queer but there are Queers people that is identified as arromantics 


The arromanticism is based per a lack of romantic love or lack of romantic feeling toward others the romantic love is dinctint to others types of love the arromantic does not love intimacally to others but may desire the arromantic desires maybe others are Queers or do part of the LGBTQA+ gremmie still that the same community need more orientation and attention the arromanticism equal that the identity of gender and sexual orientation the arromanticism feels not does borns 


Happy arromantic spectrum awareness week.

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