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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 19th Febraury at 25th Febraury of 2024.


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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 19th Febraury at 25th Febraury of 2024.


The aromantic spectrum awareness week is a week where is concientizing the aromanticism and aro-spec this celebration starts this monday and ends this sunday i go to celebrate this week giving awareness and support already do not there are many resources of visibility and support or education for visibilizate the arromanticism the arromanticism is coloquially mentioned as lack of romantic atraction not lack of sexual atraction or be that the people that go to celebrate that are indentified as aromantics there are someones that are asexuals and go to celebrate also this week give support and helpfully the Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week will be the best week i do not know i'll to represents the aromantic spectrum awareness week abbrevied as (ASAW) ASAW would be celebrated maybe i'll represent that celebration doing draws with representation aromantic as live the life being aro aromantic sharing experiences where one is indentified as aro and explain awareness and support to the aromanic spectrum to celebrate 

💚 🤍 🖤

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