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Living my life being arromantic


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Hello friends, I already came out of the closet as an aromantic person, but people say that I couldn't survive being single, but I love being aromantic. Aromanticism colloquially represents me. I am proud that I came out of the closet as an aromantic person. I was never in love, it was more in my living room when I was 12. years of age I never liked the girls and boys in my classroom and neither did the children at school I never felt butterflies in my stomach I didn't have those butterflies everyone fell in love instead of thinking anything else I didn't recognize the term aromantic now at 22 years old age I'm trying to discover my identity, aro, maybe I'm going to use the aromantic label to be able to identify myself, it's just that people find it difficult to understand what aromantic is, love is beautiful, I know it's clear to them, love is the most beautiful thing in mine, in my intense sense. I never felt it and I will never feel it. I have never been really in love in my classroom. There were pretty girls and boys. All my classmates were cool. Some of them I didn't like or pulled my hair, but I never liked them. What's more, when I was studying, no one ever kissed me. My first kiss I never had my first love I never had my first romance ever I am aromantic I try to live my life but I need freedom being aromantic is the best thing in my life I am so aromantic announcing this.

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