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My life being aro by Jesus D.


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My Life being aro by Jesus D.
Hello i going to talk my story being aro i'm aro, aromantic an aromantic person is someone that experience little or no romantic atraction to others by which is impossible receive flowers bouquets, bombons, and serenades but i go to talk my story this is my story.
When i was 10 or 12 years old i was watching the beauty and beast a prince that was transformed in beast by an witch later the beauty had that are with the beast i do not understanded what said Disney really i borned with Disney or not i yes had friends of my school but wait never i felt some nice by they i'm speaking of the girls and include to the boys when i was 13 years old i singed songs of Violetta, and others song but i was concentred in others things never i felt the love true everyone my friends were fall in loved less me never experienced the inlovingment for me does not existed the love but an arromantic does not feels love but the romantic love i do not feel but others types of love never i has felt my life always i was aromantic when i was a child always i was arromantic anyone of my classroom liked really the girls and boys of my classroom never liked never i do not inloved to they never i been in loved.
This story is part of my life always i was arromantic and wait explain to everyone that am i aromantic and never i been in love of anyone to me anyone of my school liked not.
My aromanticisism started when i was 10 years old never i wanted have girlfriend the people thinked that was gay or homosexual this flashback where i have 12 years old never felt nothing or never i felt butterflies in my stomach never i had those butterflies in my stomach as everyone the people are in love this is my case is hard to explain to someone that am i aromantic always i was aro.
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