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Arromanticisism Resources Vol.1


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Arromanticisism Resources Vol.1

The Arromanticisism Resources are resources of support for help and visibilizate the arromantic spectrum this romantic orientation oriented toward anyone need more resources or sources of support the support is useful.


But why visibilizate the arromanticism and his spectrum?


Visibilizate the arromanticism and his spectrum the arromanticism is an spectrum the arromanticism shares something equal that the asexuality identities various identities that is down this spectrum there are others identities that are down the aromantic spectrum arospec visibilizate not just to the arromanticisism total also others identities that are down of this umbrella.


Need more support and visibility?


Offcourse the support is necessary for visibilizate the arromantic spectrum take awareness and is helpful have many resources visibilizate the arromantic spectrum but for can visibilizate the arromanticism its need more support the arromanticism is something new for others but sometimes the society as the amanormativity that sometimes says that is necessary have couple or search the love ideal but does not is so.


For do an arromantic is necessary be asexual?


One for be arromantic doesn't is necessary be asexual someone arromantic will not feel nothing of romantic atraction the sexual orientation goes not vincled to the romantic atraction someone arromantic can experience or not sexual atraction an arromantic can be straight, gay, bi, pan or identifies with other gender as the non binarism etc. Including Trans people are identified as arromantics the abbreviature of arromantic is (Arro) or (Aro) the arromanticism is an romantic orientation that lacks the person that is feels by inside equal that the sexual orientation the arromanticism does not is does is borns for be arromantic does not is necessary be asexual or be repulsed to romance but there are arromantics that are repulsives to romance but there are not aromantics that also repulsives to romance as also there are arromantics that are favorable romantic is that does not feel nothing romantic to others. So as the asexuality the arromanticism also has people that are repulsives romantic others are favorable romantic others are neuters is that simply being arromantic is not feel romantic feeling toward others people.


What is arromanticism?


Someone that is arromantic does not feel romantic atraction but can feel others type of atractions as the platonic, the sensual, aesthetic, emotional sexual atraction others arromantics are asexuals, aplatonics there are others are associals but not everyone the arromantics are so one knows that is arromantic to do not feel romantic atraction to others or are down of arromantic umbrella these are the identities arromantics that are down of this spectrum.









Greyromantic or Arromantic grey



The arromanticism is an label equal to the asexuality the arromanticism has label and microlabels that the person that is identifies as aro can use the label is is useful 


But visibilizate the arospec or arromanticism is important but should have more resources of help or support for visibilizate trues projects of arromanticism.

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