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San Valentin Day being Aro?


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Wait, celebrating Valentine's Day being Aro, I clearly came out of the closet as an aromantic and said that I clearly don't have a partner or someone to give them flowers. Today is an important day for lovers. It's not that I'm against this magnificent day. It's just that I don't feel that emotion. internal to celebrate Valentine's Day but Valentine's Day is celebrated by other people. When I was younger I never received a gift and even less did I have the intention or desire to give something beautiful as a gift. I was never able to show romantic love and affection.

What a coincidence, it's precisely Valentine's Day and it's when I come out of the closet as an aromantic, when I was at school I haven't been in literal love, I had friends but I've never loved those friends romantically speaking, celebrating Valentine's Day by eating chocolates, I like chocolates but the only one The problem is that I don't know who I'm going to give the chocolates to. Wait, chocolates. If I'm not in love, I don't feel romantic attraction for someone or anyone. Okay, this Valentine's Day I never felt very comfortable coming out of the closet aromantically on this day, showing pride on this day. .

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