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Exiting of the closet as an aromantic


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Exiting of the closet as aromantic


 Hello folks i'm trying exit as an aromantic person seems that the only i'm the aromantic person of my city i'm from colombia i live in Monteria and seems that the aromantic person here in my city i'm aromantic since always i has been someone aromantic never i was in loved or never i been fall in loved to anyone to me anyone in loves me i am 22 years old and i'm single and if my civil status is so is that i do not couple or partner i do not have girlfriend or boyfriend is because i'm aromantic i has been aromantic since ever there was signs of arromanticisism in my past i was looking my past always i has been aromantic never i felt some romantic to someone i do not feel romantic atraction to any man to any woman to any anyone the romantic love is different "love" and "desire" is not same is that not alls the aromantics are asexuals in my case i'm aromantic and asexual but boths terms are differents that sometimes the people confuse aromantic with asexual but does not is the same being aromantic is that someone never it's has fall in loved being aromantic means many things as do not feel the romantic emotional romantic to someone being aromantic is when someone never has been in loved or never goes to in love because is aromantic is impossible that an aromantic in love or has partner in my case i thinked that i has been aromantic but there a song parody The Drums called "I do not know how to love" my song represents the aromanticisism or some so "I'm me" so refering that i'm aromantic and i do not want nothing intimacy with that person nothing romantic really i do not want nothing romantic is that i can not love and never i has experienced love feelings toward someone or toward anyone.

I'm aromantic i give not more explications to how be aromantic but there was signs where could be aromantic in my past watchin' back is that i felt not some nice to a person and i'm aromantic and with all the support of identities inclusives for can help me i'm aromantic i have much to talk more forward.

Exit or exiting of the closet for say to the people that i'm aromantic and struggle against the amatormativity and i since little boy watching sesame street that talks about amatormativity and i thinked obvious that i'm aromantic and i know not as explain it exit for receive respect literally i will be alone i am watching my furher to my 30 years or 40 and alone without love really i wait that my arromanticisism does not a problem but i want have a friendship relationship nothing more explain terms of aromantic is hard or easy to others persons.

I'm aromantic.

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