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My life being asexual


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My life being asexual part 1 

CW: sexual description and sexual situations

The next story ocurred on 2002 

Date: 09th August 2002

This is an story relationed with my life being asexual where always i been asexual without give me details.


Once morning the day 09th August i awaked for go to job i was working as manager of a company i had the best employ of my life later to breakfasting ones delicious pancakes i exited to the street and i looked to the women and i do not felt nothing absolutly nothing the women walked by the street but i do not felt sexually attracted toward hers but not matter later i go to drive my car and i arrived to my place of job i greated to my secretary and i said that was asexual she smiled and said what that is okey and offcourse but say that is fine or bad but be asexual is some best in my life.


Later the time to lonch i was eating spaguetti with ballmeat i looked to a couple kissing in the smouth i to see to said couples of inloved kissing i do not felt attracted toward they i put to feed me with my spaguetti and ballmeat later i exited to restaurant later i went to my home for rest i exited at 12 p.m of job as i said that was the manager later i oned the TV for can watch my movies of Action or Horror or watch my series of criminology or watch a playoff of Rugby or the NBA offcourse i do not without before one good accompany of ones delicious snacks i do not put horny absolutly.


I watched my playoff of the NBA peacefully Lakers that was my favourite team were winning against the Celtics i said offcouse the Lakers go to win someone touched the door later i opened the door and is the neighbor inviting me to one party of or to drink i said that not but some said me that maybe but later accepted his invitation.


Later in the house he was talking of women of as conquistate a woman and all that but i do not knew that resply in first plane or second plane i said that.


Me: Neighbor you look i'm asexual

Neighbor: What is that i don't understand

Me: Asexual is someone that does not feel sexual atraction toward others.

Neighbor: To you don't like the men and women

Me: Nop wait is that i do not desire sex i do not feel one desire to do with others i do not desire sexually any an woman and any a man i desire not sexually.

Neighbor: I understand.

Me: Thanks but i do not want meet to your sister one must be sincerous with oneselfie.

Neighbor: Are you gay?

Me: like i said you am i not gay i'm asexual i do not desire sex any with men and any with women i do not feel none desire to gender.

Neighbor: Is celibacy?

Me: Not is celibacy in if in me is not feel or have that desire to have sex is lack of erotic desire.

Neighbor: you don't desire sex you never has got sex?

Me: Never is more when i was at school never i desired have sex with none of my classmaters 

Neighbor: any with the girls or guys of your classroom or other classroom?

Me: The classmaters of my classroom and others classroom of the same school never i had sex with their is more i wasn't desiring sex or have sex with they.

Neighbor: You has masturbate?

Me: Offcourse that i masturbate is obvious but doesn't means that already i'm asexual is that i'm asexual because i do not feel desire to any gender.

Neighbor: You have sexdrive or libido?

Me: yes i've libido or that sexdrive but the unic that i do not have sexual desire that desire to have sex or the desire or interess in the sexual activity i do not have interess in have sex any with men and women that is asexual 

Neighbor: You want meet girls or guys?

Me: Girls but i do not desire nothing sexual with hers i prefer do friends moreover also i want do male friends and females friends but i respect to the men and women boths gender i respect but i do not desire sexually none gender.

Neighbor: You prefer have sex or you can't do it?

Me: Never i had sex any with an women and any with men is that yes i would have sex but there are problem or condition i do not desire sex any with a man and any with a woman i'm asexual 


To be continue...

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