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Conditions of an asexual guy


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The conditions of an asexual guy are conditions that i'm puting for meet friends or receive requests as an asexual person put these conditions for meet to someone, these conditions are not obligatory if not is for that accept me if not, no the conditions of an asexual i go to use would be helpful these are conditions so there are people that put conditions for have a type of relation as: sexual, romantic, platonic put conditions is possible that put these conditions is not an warning if not a condition for meet news folks and can relationate me being asexual.
Since the 14 years old i'm asexual i hasn't experienced sexual atraction toward none of my friends of the school today i follow being asexual and is for that put these conditions for meet to someone.
Meet to someone that is asexual so as me but need put conditions the conditions are important for me be asexual doesn't means that i go not to have none type of relation but in a further or later i wantn't receive damage those damages might be for lack of feeling or desires but as me do not desire have sex or intimacy or i not desire engage in an sexual activity with others the people sometimes the damage can lack of love and darlin' but i'm asexual yeah! I love to the person the asexuals are abbles to love the asexuality is lack of sexual orientation or desire in if in the person, nothing more.
Coming up the conditions is for meet friends offcourse i wish meet friends but i don't desire sex with they obviously i'm asexual.
1. I do not desire sex: This is the 1 first condition that puts me as asexual is that i not desire sex i do not desire sex with none i do not desire sex any with men and any with women and any with anyone but yes i want meet folks but i do not desire have some sexual or some intimacy where there are sex i want meet friends but i want that accept as am i.
2. I want respect: The second condition is that i want respect i respect to the women and also the men i respects to both sex or gender i do not know to who love but as also i'm aromantic i wanna a friendship but exists queerplatonic relationships or queer relationships where is break the rules of normativity the normativity says that is good or is perfect have sex but i do not desire or i do not feel the desire to do it is some personal as an condition personal respect i respect to the persons i am not fall in loved to anyone but i'm abble to respect and feel respect for anothers.
3.I do not like the kiss in the smouth: To me anyone or never has kissed me i'm talking kisses in the smouth i am speaking of unknown people as men and women is good receive kisses but when i was studying at school never i kissed to someone or anyone kissed me i am not abble to kiss is that i've a condition am i asexual and kiss someone in the smouth i do not like i do not feel nothing a brain lock total or parcially.
4.I do not want pression: I hate that pressionate me i do not like much pression as have sex so but is not obligatory pressionate to someone i would be with someone but personally i do not feel one desire intrisic to have sex with anothers i'm asexual i am not want pression and i want to be freedom.
5.These conditions are not obligatory really not is need the put for receive respect and if i do not have girlfriend is that i'm aromantic does not is that is asexual if not aromantic i'm asexual and aromantic should have more inclussion.
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