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Asexuality on TV parody


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On January 1, 2006, I received an interview with Carlos Turcker. I told myself above that asexuality was a dream I had. It was an interview broadcast on the KNBC channel where I appeared discussing asexualities. In the interview, I said that I really don't want sex that people asexuals do not think about sex, people have a porn microchip, what a chip I have seen a lot of sex, a lot of sexual content and my imagination is not enough to feel that sexual thought. I can also feel something physically sexual and masturbate and feel that sexual aurosal. asexual people They get to have sexual aurosal. Furthermore, the interview, I was 14 years old, I didn't understand anything about sex, my friends at school talked about sex and love, things like that, but I didn't understand that topic. The interview was something pleasant. This interview was part of my dream. I was in another time. It was the year 2006.

In 2006, on March 6, 2006, I had another interview on the ABC channel. I was participating in the breakfast program, a morning and morning program just like view, that was another dream. There I was interviewed by Monica and Carolina, they asked me things about asexuality, they discussed asexuality, they talked about asexuality. asexuality that was the issue Monica said it was a problem but for me asexuality is not a problem it is something normal it is an orientation but not a choice asexuality being asexual is like watching someone ride a bicycle and that person who is in the park is not sexually attractive, you do not feel said sexual attraction In the interview I said that around the age of 14 I discovered my asexuality, I saw my friends at school and I didn't feel attracted to any of my classmates, nor was I attracted to girls and boys, I didn't like anyone, I didn't like the boys and girls at school, I said in the interview.Have you heard of asexual people in a romantic relationship? Asexuals are those who do not experience sexual attraction to other people.

On the Box News channel the late-night program The Night Side aired on April 30, 2006 Asexuality was mentioned there as an orientation, not as a problem, but Victoria says the following.

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction. I don't see that celibacy is a problem of sexual dysfunction. Victoria Soleda.

Of course, celibacy is not a serious sexual dysfunction problem. Victoria also Victoria came with her husband Ray Cox, who is also asexual, says that:

At the age of 15, I never developed sexually. It must be a hormone problem or lack of testosterone. At 15, children begin to develop sexually but I don't. Ray Cox.

On the other hand, Ray and Victoria, both asexuals, did not feel sexually attracted to them. Ray Cox looks at his partner and doesn't feel anything sexual for her. In addition, Dr. Yolinda Grason was invited and is also an analyst for the prestigious Box News channel. Victoria said that asexuality is also recognized as the lack of desire whose desire is in sexual activity.

Dr. Victoria Soleda is absolutely right, asexuality is recognized as the lack of desire in sexual activity. The asexual person is not interested in having sex. He or she may have a high or low libido. He or she may have an erection or sexual arousal, but even so, if not feel that desire the desire to desire someone sexually or to want to have sex asexuals do not feel that they are committed when it comes to sex no that is the lack of desire whose desire is nothing more than in sexual activity it is not a medical problem that is due Worry, the asexual person does not feel that desire to have or participate in any sexual activity. Dr. Grason

Nothing more than that. The song was also mentioned if you are very happy.

This was nothing more than a parody of the Box News channel only. Asexuality on Gary Galeano's night show on CNN Parody.
Jesús Darío Ríos Negrete appeated on the Gary Galeano's night show doing a cameo the interview was realized on 06th April 2006 the guests invited were Victoria Soleda and Ray Cox were invited and were telling above asexuality the asexuality there are that remember that does not is a health problem or a choice, is an sexual orientation oriented toward anyone the interview Jesús Darío Ríos Negrete said that does not felt none desire engage in an sexual activity to final of the interview says his typical sentence "Oh,oh! I do not feel noone sexual desire engage in an sexual activity" that said JD in the magazine.Asexuality on Box News Nightside parody
On 30th April 2006 Victoria Soleda joined to her couple Ray Cox you has hearted the asexuals couple the asexuals people do not experience sexual atraction but experience romantic atraction in the interview Victoria Soleda says that the asexuality is a lack of sexual atraction and she does not sees that the celibacy is a sexual dysfunction problem the analist psychologist of New york university was invited to that channel Ray Cox and Victoria said they do not feel attracted to theirselves but both feel romantic atraction Ray Cox says that is lack of hormones when the child is 15 years arrives to the puberty is there that starts the sexual atraction and the desire by the Testorones Victoria Soleda said that the asexuality is recognozed too as lack of desire whose desire is in the sexual activity Yolanda Grason replyed to this dude the asexuality is recognozed as the lack of desire in the sexual activity whose desire is in the sexual activity the person that is asexual does not feel eihter desire engaging in any sexual activity or does not is interessed sexually by her him theirs the desire or interess to engage in an sexual activity does not is a lack of libido or sex drive an asexual person can is aurosed have the high libido still does not desire engage sexually with his couple or with others people the asexuals do not feel or experience that desire to have sex or engage in an sexual activity do not desire sexually to anyone can have libido to be aurosed but do not desire intimacy that is some sexual.Asexuality on 2000's 2020 parody.
On 30th March 2006 Jesús Darío Ríos Negrete togheter with others 5 asexuals including Victoria Soleda Ray Cox, Caroline, Oscar and Narcy 6 people were invited to this interview is was talking about asexuality Jesus Dario said that he does not experience eihter desire engage in an sexual activity Oscar said that he never felt sexually attracted to eihter sex Victoria Soleda said that she never has liked the chocolate the musse chocolate and the musse chocolate with tangerine flavored Ray Cox is couple of Victoria Soleda Narcy a oldlady that is divorced 3 times this interview gave to meet the asexuality as an sexual orientation The Dr. Anthony Bughert rated to the asexuals people as X that simply the asexuals do not feel sexual atraction or sexual desire to anothers can ejaculate have orgasms does not is lack of sex drive libido the asexuality is such normal the scientifists has discovered the asexuality as new sexual orientation.The asexuality has existed in the new century XXI the Channel CampTV realized a interview to various asexuals include to Jesus Dario, Karen Lamvique, and Narcy a woman of 45 years old that starts she was divorcing the interview was realesed on 3th Dicember 2004 the asexuals are a community a family a union Narcy say that the asexuals are.

The asexuals are people that do not experience sexual atraction any to men any to women and any to anyone.


In other part of this newsletter Jesus Dario said that the asexuality is a new generation is an sexual orientation oriented to any sex or gender is as be gay bi straight simply the person does not feel sexually attracted to any sex or gender.

Be asexual is as be gay, lesbian ,bi or straight simply the person does not feel attracted sexually to any sex or gender.

@jesus dario

As has said our buddy Jesus Dario that the asexuality is an sexual orientation oriented to any sex or gender Karen Lamvique that also was invited said that is a cold case and really the sex has been as part of the life of many sexuals the sex does not is such important for the asexuals the sex does not is important.

I believed that i was lesbian i thinked that i went to have relationship with my friendgirls of the school.

Karen Lamvique

The asexuality is a cold case

When i was 14 years old never i has felt some sexual to my classmaters i has not felt sexually attracted to my classmaters of the school there was signs of asexuality in my adolescence.

Jesus Dario.

The celibacy is a choice the persons where the person can take the choice to have sex or not

Really is the intrisic desire example as me i do not feel eihter intrisic desire to have sex with anothers that desire does not exists or simply the desire to have sexual intimacy with someone or with others i do not feel in me that desire to engage in an sexual activity.

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The love is different to the sex the asexuals people can hug kiss and love.
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