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Question for aros about attraction

Guest Aninymous

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Guest Aninymous

So I (16F) used to identify as aro ace. 
I never had crushes, or felt romantic attraction. I kinda want a relationship, but at the same time don’t (idk)

However, I find some people (women) attractive in a way I want to scream because they are really beautiful, but I never had a crush or romantic attraction on one…

but recently I realized that I always feel weird near a female teacher at my school. I imagine us interracting, always want her to notice me, and really restless near her, wear my best outfits on the days I have class with her. I don’t think it’s a crush, it doesn’t really fits the description, and I never think of us dating or marring like some of my friends do… but I never felt that way ever, it really confuses me. I don’t want us to date or anything either…

I liked the aro label, but I’m not sure it fits anymore, and I really don’t think myself as a lesbian/saphic… 

I just wanted to post this here to know what you think because it kinda buggs me, and idk what to tell ppl when they ask what my identity is… 

thank you if you read all this :D and if you know something or have advice, please tell me!


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