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Aros and Aces living with pets


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Live with pets would be a excellent idea but what is fine is live with these animals example: Dogs and Cats there are people that lives with others animals as the mouse hamster fish turtle and bunnies an animal would be a excellent accompany for who is living alone.

Living with Dogs.

Live with a dog there are search the anyway to live with a dog there are aromantics people as aces people that preferer live with a dog a dog is a excellent accompany but there are pros and cons for live with a dog walk the dog, feed it with its food, give it a shower, take it to the park, do its business, give it a shower to avoid fleas and ticks, take it to the vet and hundreds of things must be done with the dog. 

As long as it is not close to food, except in the room, it is not necessary to sleep with the dog. If the dog or the person is sick, keep the animal away from the sick person. 

Living with Cats.

Living with cats is an excellent idea. Cats are an excellent companion. Additionally, cats with their purring calm the stress of the person, and the cat can also know about human illnesses.  aromantic and asexual people who live with cats, not only cats but also other animals in the home. 

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