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Love at first sight(ish)?

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I identify as grayro but my attraction leans more towards alterous, I just use the label for my own sanity. Anyway, I know probably none of you identify as alloromantic but I'm still wondering....is love at first sight possible? I feel like lots of people get confused with infatuation and love(there are many different definitions for the two, some people consider infatuation to be love and some people consider love to be infatuation). I've kind of had crushes but it was more like I would get nervous around the person for no particular reason and liked the way they looked, I wouldn't even think about them that much outside of the situations where I would see them, but idk. But can love at first sight or within a week really happen? The type of romantic love that people write poetry about and make songs about where you deeply know and care for each other? Even things like romeo and juliet where(if anyone has ever been forced to read the book in english class) they basically know each other for 2-3 days and immediately want to have a life together and marry, I always found that to be rather impossible and more a result of teenage rebellion rather than true love. But also times where different, either you married who your parents chose and you were very lucky to feel 'true' love. Honestly from my understanding that type of love takes a while to form and can't happen insanely quickly. I was just wondering if anyone knew someone who had that sort of experience(and also people can over/undertalk their attraction in hindsight) or maybe had that experience themselves, especially the type that wasn't some sort of weird obsession but actually love

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