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Never i been in love


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That will be next book that maybe i would writte but i'm going to say what would to be wrotte in the book this is my story.


Alround of 6 years old i was watching Disney's movies as the Beautiful and Beast, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse, The Princess and the Frog etc. Alls those Disney tales for me not was so really for being happy? The blue prince should save to the princess of a awful dragon that drops fire the prince must awake with the magic of love true when i was on the elementary school i do not expressed none romantic feeling to none of my classmatters what is really fall in love but if i do not been experienced none love feeling to anyone is that to arrive to the Highschool i do not felt attracted any sexual and romantically for all my life never i been in love really i do not understand and i any would want have girlfriend to my anyone gives my first kiss everyone of my friends received theirs kisses but i'm not me with the girls with who exit wait one moment i never exit in a romantic dating any with my friends really never yes i visited to my friends to eat the lunch but never i been not had none kiss or some romantic any those romantics thought and i knew that in the past there was signs or signals where could to be aromantic alls those signs or signals where could to be aro (aromantic) in the past when i was a child is say alls those signs where could to be aro en the past is what i'm now in day is for that than i'm indentified as aromantic but the people confuse aromantic with asexual or agender but alls these letters "A" belongs to the LGBTQA+ acronime is that i say for me the romantic love does not exist because i do not felt nothing special romantic by that person i never had my first love never the signals in the past there was signs or signals where i could to be aromantic whose signs or signal of the past is what i'm today and i'm proud and is need explain much the aromantic term because to moment to say i'm aromantic too because reviewed my brain if in the past had those feelings to be with someone or love to someone but that could not be possible for me i exited of the closet alls the people confuses aromantic with asexual but is not so asexual and aromantic where terms distincts is so that would names that book

Thanks by heart my Aro story.

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