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The Aromantic Poem


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What beautiful shoes you have, I know I look at you below and it's shameless that I have never fallen in love. I don't want a kiss because I'm going crazy. I'm not a robot or an alien. I want you to give something more. I don't expect love. I don't expect understanding for people to understand me. The green of the Aro flag symbolizes something like the aromanticism that we have, I lack love oh! I'm not crazy I don't love anyone romantically I don't love you I wish you sleepless nights watching Dracula movies The molecules of love were lost in the desert very far away. I am Aro and people don't know it. Being Aro is like being a grain of sand alone and without a girlfriend. Don't let anyone give you anything I can't love you no obviously no I don't love you I love you yes as a friend my eyes cry with passion for me it's only loneliness there alone forever. 

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