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what are the romantic relationships?

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Hello friends i want know which are or what are romantic relationships, the romantic relationships are a type of relationships more of love feeling i am arromantic i do not experience noone love feeling or that As far as I know, I have not fallen in love. to me so i as asexual should not to be involved in an romantic relationship i'm arromantic is impossible i in loving me to somebody i do not feel love romantic toothers the asexuals people that are inside of an relationship what is romantic involving me in relationships for now i don't have eihter relationship neihter romantic i why go to engage in a romantic relationship is because i do not desire to be with that person idon't express those feeling or butterflies inside of stomach i don't feel neihter buterflies or ants or bugs inside of me inclusive of my stomach in my part i don't have partner i'm single the idea to have girlfriend has flight my head that idea doesn't exists to me but the people believes that i must to be in a relationship but i don't feel neihter romantic feeling to others or towards others without matter the sex or gender. thanks...

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6 hours ago, Milly said:

reword this? What r u saying dawg

Hello look friend @Milly I was referring to romantic relationships, there are aromantic people who do not prefer to be in something romantic like dates and things like that, if I understand myself, greetings.

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