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The Evil Nun 2 The Origen


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The Evil Nun 2 The Origin the story of this movie is set 10 years before the first movie The Evil Nun this happens in 1942 ten years before the first movie this terrifying story begins where 3 girls Laura, Levis and Sandra the last one would be a novice and at the end of the movie she takes her own life to prevent the identity in the form of a Nun from attacking her. An accident in the ritual causes the 3 girls to completely invoke the identity in the form of a malevolent nun, but upon arriving at the school Levis convulses and her A long, thick snake comes out of the mouth and there the poor girl dies, making Sandra talk about the ritual that Laura and she did together with her late friend. To avoid expulsion, Reverend Espirivonda goes to Father Alex's chapel because Laura had taken 5 thick candles. From the Fatima chapel, a boy Freddy Gutierrez carried the painting of the evil nun, the same one from the spell 2, but the painting grew fangs and brutally killed Abbess Culcúta and thus the mother superior and director of the Espirivonda school, sister Yolima and Sofia. They have a vision of the evil nun. Sister Yolima sees the evil nun in the Warrens' hallway and Sofia sees a room full of chairs where the evil nun indicates a pile of chairs. When the chairs fall, something is shown but Sofia wakes up from the trance. Jhonny C, is the new school security guard but he cannot work until the evil nun leaves but the evil nun was just beginning to cause chaos in Valente Arrieta, a boy named Gael Räez beat and murdered Sister Cecilia and the demonized child. possessed sister Yolima poor Laura was taken away by a demonic figure poor Laura's pranks made her pay dearly Father Alex Argumedo sees a Demonology book and says "HOW TO INVOCATE TO MINERVAK" MINERVAK is the demon they invoked the girls at the beginning of this story at the end of the movie sister Yolima dies and the priest Alex gives her the key that keeps something the key keeps something secret Father Alex springs holy water to the evil nun making the evil nun leave to the underworld but she was still at the Valente Arrieta Educational Institution (I.E.V.A). Before dying, Father Alex asks the novice Sandra to pray the Hail Mary and the Lord's Prayer 3 times each, so that evil does not escape from the school. If he stays at school, he will not escape.
10 years later. Sister Sandra and Sister Nileh go to open the door but Sister Nileh tells Sandra to escape making Sandra go up the stairs and the evil nun goes out blowing out the candles the crucifix of a cage turns over and lights up in flames Sandra takes a rope and jumps into the void giving events from the first 2018 film The Evil Nun. 


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