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What is being in a QPR like?

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On 1/4/2024 at 8:03 PM, Darkraven77 said:

How did you get a qpr? What is being in one like? What should you expect?

Well I was already in a relationship with them, but realized I preferred a qpr and didnt really want a romantic one anymore. I told them, after a couple months of worrying lol, and they agreed it was what the made most sense for us.


It’s honestly not much different than a romantic one minus the label and overall expectation? Some think of of their qpr’s as friendships but closer, maybe living or raising a child together? Some think of it like a romantic relationship, minus the romantic attraction. I moreso side with the latter one, not entirely though! It’s complicated. But it doesn’t have to be any particular way! You should discuss with your (potential) qpp/qpp’s (queer platonic partner/s) about what it means for you guys.

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