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weird relationship???


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Hey, can anyone share their thoughts on this?



Three weeks before school one year ended, I was in class with my friend. Let's call him B. I didn’t know him that well, but he seemed nice and kinda funny. During class, we got to choose our final seating chart. Although I was going to choose a seat with my other friend, let's call him L, he wasn't there that day, so B and I chose seats next to each other and we were talking and laughing. But… B ruined it. He kept saying how he stole me from L. B didn’t just say it once as a joke; he kept saying it throughout the conversation. It made me really uncomfortable because it made me feel like he thought I was property or something.
    But then we were fine again, having normal interactions… until B kept talking about how he’s almost never had a girlfriend, except for in 6th grade when he was dating one of my friends, A. I was confused and a little suspicious because why was he telling me this?
    Then, later, B asked me if I had a phone, and when I said no, he kept asking me over and over again even though I clearly didn't want to tell him. I think that was his awkward way of asking me for his phone number, but I didn’t want to assume anything, so I said nothing.
    Later, he slipped me a note. It read, I have a crush on u. I panicked. My heart started beating faster and was the room getting hotter? I was sweating. Why was I so nervous? Did I like B? What was the correct response to ‘I have a crush on you’? It’s not even a question! If I’m this anxious, does that mean I have a crush on him? Don’t people normally get nervous when they have crushes??? How does he like me if he doesn’t even know me that well????? I’ll just say I don’t know him that well, but would like to get to know him better. Yeah, that seems right.
    I gave him a note that said that and then he started oversharing to the point where it made me a little uncomfortable. The next day, he was like, ‘Do you know me enough now?’ and I was just like ‘Sure.’ Then B was like ‘Wanna be my girlfriend?’ and I was like, ‘Sure.’
    2 weeks into our relationship, I started questioning ‘us’. Weren’t couples supposed to hold hands and kiss? Weren’t couples supposed to be able to communicate and sustain conversations with each other for more than like 2 minutes? I didn’t want any of these things with B and I missed having time with my friends. That’s when I started questioning myself.
    I had always known in some way that I was asexual. And I had always thought that I was either heteroromantic or biromantic, even if I didn’t know those terms. But never, not in a million years, would I have thought that I was aromantic. Never. Not until I had gotten in that relationship with B. But my friends were excited for me, and I couldn’t and still can’t express any of my feelings to anyone out loud without crying.
     That last week of that school year was stressful because of the hours online that I spent researching about aromanticism. I finally realized I had never had romantic crushes on people. I guess I never thought about dating that much because I never felt the need to kiss or date. Everything I had felt towards any person I thought I had a crush on was all just platonic. I just really wanted to be friends with them. Maybe it would be cool to have a friend I could cuddle/hold hands with and have long conversations with, but that's about all.
    I broke up with B the day before the last day of school. Here’s a summary of what I wrote to him: 'Hey, B. I just figured out that I’m aroace. I’m kinda confused, but confident that this is the right label for me. I’m sorry I was a terrible girlfriend and I hope you find someone better for you. I hope we can stay friends and I hope that we’ll have classes together next year. Sorry and I hope you have a good summer. Have a nice day!'
    I tried to make my note as clear as possible and I gave it to him. The next day, B asked if we were still friends, but I was tired of dealing with my emotions, so I just nodded. He said okay and gave me a gummy.
    I didn’t see him the rest of the day or at all during the summer. When I finally started the next year, I kept seeing him while I was walking to class, so I said hi since we were still friends, right? Wrong. He just kept ignoring me. I didn’t and still don’t know what I did wrong. Why was he ignoring me? He knows I don’t have a phone, so it can’t be that he’s mad I didn’t talk to him over the summer? 
This was stressing me out, so I emailed him, asking what was wrong:

Hey, B. I thought we agreed to stay friends, but every time I wave at you or say hi, you don't respond. This makes me upset, but if you don't want to be friends, please just tell me. You can also tell me if I'm just making a big deal out of nothing and I won't be offended. But I wanted to know for sure if you're angry at me or something or not. Sorry if I'm misinterpreting this, but I'm an overthinker. I get stressed out about things I don't know are happening. Please respond soon. Thanks~ Have a good day :)

Me a few weeks later:

Do you never check your email lol

Me a month later:

Why don't you responddddddddd?

B (finally after a month):

Stop emailing me and no we aren’t still friends and we never agreed to stay friends in the first place so after this never email me again and don’t come up to me at school ever again! Have I made myself clear? And I mean it… I am never talking to you ever EVER again 🫵🙅‍♂️

    Did I do something wrong???? Idk? I thought we agreed to stay friends, but he doesn’t think so. That or he was lying. I don’t know what happened, but I am proud to say that I didn’t do anything petty for once in my life.



Sorry for the essay/rant

Let me know what happened/what went wrong?


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