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Very happy!


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I've been willing to date someone regardless of their gender before. Even before having the amount of dating experience I have, I thought it'd be possible for me to love someone regardless of gender, and I think that's true. I've loved and had crushes on boys, girls, anyone in between, or neither, or outside of that. I don't know, the concept of pansexuality and panromanticism is beautiful imo, just like any other romantic orientation. Unlike the idea of me being polyromantic, the idea of me being panromantic is a lot more comforting, and would be a lot better. It doesn't feel as forced as identifying as polyromantic does. I like the idea of me being able to love someone regardless of gender. And just for their personality. I love these wonderful people. One is questioning their gender, and I don't care what they are, I just love them. I don't care what the other's gender is, just that I love them. I don't care what someone's gender is. Just their personality. I fall in love with someone for their personality.


So I guess this is my way of coming out. I'm panromantic, (and questioning pansexual)!

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