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10 Signals where might to be asexual


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1. You are not attracted to any sex.

This may be the sign where it could be asexual clear asexual people are not sexually attracted to any i.e. if we see someone on a bike or walking in the park that person would not be sexually attractive if not otherwise attractive eg romantically or platonically i.e. asexuals do not want to be sexually attracted if not otherwise.

2. You don't want to have sex

Another sign that you might be asexual is not wanting to have sex or participate in it which means that sex is part of our human life rules and advice that you hear at home and at school but here asexuals are not interested or don't want to have sexual intimacy which doesn't mean they don't want to if they can make the decision to have intimate relationships only asexuals don't experience the desire to participate or commit to intimacy with someone.

3. You prefer to masturbate without company

Another way where there is a sign where it could be asexual is that the person prefers to masturbate without the physical presence of others but this does not mean that the person has a sign of asexuality there are asexuals who masturbate others it is because of libido or sex drive erroneously called so-called sexual desire.

4.You look at people differently

You can see people but not sexually you don't want mentally or intrinsically to have sex with X person because you don't want it or you're not sexually attracted or maybe you don't like asexuals doesn't mean we don't like anyone there are friends asexuals don't know how to relate whether to have a friendship or not asexuals see different people not in an intimate way but from other eyes.

5. You are not attracted to anyone

Signal number 5 is similar to the first okey this is easy asexuals may not be attracted to anyone but not all asexuals are the same there are some who are attracted infrequently to someone like grey asexuals and demisexuals who are attracted after having a deep and emotional bond asexuality is a spectrum of orientations.

6. Sex frustrates you

Asexual people sometimes get to have sex or be in those activities but there are some who frustrate them with sex or that maybe sex is not to the liking of asexuals asexuals if they can have sex not that means they can't is that asexuals internally don't want to engage in intimacy with others asexuals don't get involved in sexual activity without their will asexuals' will is not to have sex because there's a blockage in the mind or something because asexuals don't intrinsically want to have sex with others.

7.You don't think about sex

The word sex doesn't exist for you maybe that's far from the hallway that's not in your plans asexuals don't think so much about sex the idea of having sex or being in a sexual activity with someone that's not in your thoughts is like someone halo has a microchip with intimate thoughts asexuals don't have that chip we think about anything else no sex at all.

8. You don't like the last sexual activity you did

Asexuals do not like to have sex I do not mean all specifying asexuals to have an activity or sex if they do not like sex for example:

They started the activity but then it wasn't what they wanted.

They felt frustrated or dissatisfied or something inside them felt something was missing but asexuals are not sick and we are not defective.

9. There is no sexual fantasy

This would be a sign where it could be asexual is that with the lack of sexual fantasy asexuals don't have that kind of sexual fantasies because we don't like it if not because we don't feel that we've all had a fantasy once but asexuals can have sexual fantasies and not desire sexually or have sex with the person who's in their mind.

10. You are bored with porn

Another clear sign shows that asexuals do not prefer to watch adult content because it is something very boring or disgusting does not give you or does not get you excited but adult movies are exclusive movies for adults if no one wants to watch it is better not to watch it the best way is to use parental control adult channel blocks asexuals when watching sex content on TV can change the channel or turn off the TV asexuals do not like porn or bored are not interesting is like watching a movie asexuals do not inter les that kind of movies there are asexuals who are adults and there are adults who are asexual and do not watch this kind of content for these reasons but these contents can be watched privately or as a couple but if it is unpleasant better not to watch it there are more security blocking controls to avoid any terrible situation.

Here are 10 signs of asexuality where you could be asexual if or if.

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