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I'm arromantic


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You know why I don't have a partner, many people ask me why I don't have a partner and I tell them that I don't have a partner, because I won't explain to them that I'm aromantic, that I don't experience feelings of intimate love towards other people, it's not the same as being asexual, I explained it 100 times to people. , people don't pay attention to what aromanticism is and what a romantic orientation is oriented toward neither sex. I don't know if I belong to the LGBT community. Sometimes my family thinks I'm gay but I don't feel like I don't totally fit in with anyone. Friends of AVEN, I'm also asexual I do not feel sexual desire towards other people or I do not experience sexual desire towards others mine is not an invention since I discovered that aromantic existed and I myself said in my mind this is your label "You are aromantic" you do not feel that you fall in love for me It is impossible to look for a partner, sometimes they tell me you will be alone and with no one, these are personal things, I am Aromantico, friends.

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