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The story of an asexual guy the beggin


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Jesus Dario the asexual boy at 18 years old was discovering his asexual identity literally this seems to be a prequel but it is so 4 years before @Jesus Dario would discover asexuality he was in high school he was a senior in high school everything was perfect to go to college but unfortunately the asexual boy known as Jesus Dario missed the entrance exams for college the young man did not know where he fit he was sitting in the classroom doing drawings or writing plays.



It should be noted that Jesús Darío suffered convulsions when he was 6 years old and had to be taken to the clinic because he suffered from sudden death, although in reality a classmate said he was autistic.


Jesus Dario looked at all of his classmates, especially the girls; Well, he looked at the girls and boys in his classroom but none of them seemed attractive to him; they approached Jesús Darío but he did not feel physically or sexually attracted but he socialized with his classmates and none of them seemed sexually attractive to him, except for the girls, which is the most important thing; he considered himself asexual although some of his classmates did not understand what this young teenager was going through; he was in his last year of high school, including the boys of the intercollegiate school, Dario loved chess but he was not able to play it because he was in his last year of high school.

He even discovered AVEN, the asexual education and visibility network thanks to @AVENguy, known as David Jay, he created this web platform thanks to AVEN. I am telling my story. Something in life made me understand asexuality. In 2019, no girl became pregnant since in In some schools there are teenage pregnancies, none of the 11th grade students became pregnant. Jesús Darío did not find them attractive and he did not desire them sexually. Jesús Darío did not feel any intrinsic desire to have sex with his classmates, especially female classmates.

Jesús Darío, when he was a 14-year-old boy, did not understand what those words or terms like "Cuadrarse" meant to do things but at that time he was a child but today he dislikes those comments Jesús Darío @jesus dario was starting asexuality like no other He felt attraction and it didn't turn out what he expected but that's how it is.


I was not attracted to any of my classmates at school, much less desired them sexually.

And I will consider myself asexual for these reasons:


1. I am not attracted to any sex.

2. I do not feel any intrinsic desire to have sex as part of my sexual life.

3. I don't understand certain things about sex or eroticism but I'm an adult and I should understand them but I don't.


This is how I discovered the beginnings of my asexuality thanks to AVEN.

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