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Hello Hello, here's my intro

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I don't know how long this intro can be. Apologies if it's too long.

I've known I'm on the asexual spectrum for certain for a while now and that has felt incredibly freeing to admit to myself. Recently though, I've been reevaluating some experiences and my current stance on not being interested in a romantic relationship. The short of it is, I've tried, cause the idea of such a connection felt fun(and also kinda like "the thing people do", y'know) but always lose interest within less than a month. I quickly have the overwhelming desire to spend my time and energy on stuff I enjoy a lot more, like hobbies and platonic relationships with my friends-which seem easier, more comfortable and generally more emotionally gratifying for me personally. 

So I'm doing some self discovery and I'm familiarizing myself with the different labels to see what fits. Joined the forum to read what other people feel and perhaps share my own feelings and opinions.

Support to all of you! And looking forward to future conversations!

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Hiya! I'm Isa and I hope u have a fun time here! :)

Also, that whole thing you said about losing interest in a month is kinda giving me lithromantic vibes but idk lol :)

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