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Thank You, Arocalypse! :)

Noctivagant Nico

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Hi Arocalypse,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything, Arocalypse. You were one of the best resources I had when I was questioning my romantic identity and after. When I first started noticing the differences between me and my peers, I was nervous something might be wrong with me. I never had a crush on anyone, and for some reason it was becoming harder and harder to convince my friends that I was not lying to them about that. Learning that other people felt like I did, reading your stories, it meant a lot to me. It meant I wasn’t alone. It meant that there wasn’t anything wrong with me. With the advice I found on this forum, I was able to come out as aromantic to my friends and family. Coming out as aromantic was a relief to me. I’m not exactly sure why, I wasn’t hiding something that I did not know about myself. Just not having that expectation on me felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. After coming out I was able to be more confident, be more myself, in more ways than just my romantic identity. So, thank you.

Thank you for all your stories.

Thank you for all your advice.




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