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Asexuality on Box News Nightside


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There are couples than have not sex are asexuals couples they do not experience sexual atraction, the asexuality is an sexual orientation while so the celibacy is an choice where the people do not have sexual relationships in the programa of Box were invited 2 asexuals couples boths feel romantic atraction the romantic relationships is different to the sexual relationships the asexuals couples do not arrive to have such intimacy is so or why they borned so as are the asexuality does part of one somebody that is defines or identifies as an asexual people do not experience sexual atraction toward anothers the asexual person do not is atracted toward noone sex & gender the teacher of faculties of the New york University the Dra. Soleda said this in the announcement of the self programa.



The asexuality do not no one problem than would be physiologic understand that the asexuality is the lack of sexual atraction toward anothers or the lack of desire in the sexual activity is say than the asexual person do not desires intrisically have sex with his partner because is probably that do not has appetite to have intimacy with the other person is the lack of desire to have sex with orthers.



But there are asexuals do not matter the social status or civile status can or can not have the sex drive or the libido why sometimes confusing us the libido the sex drive with sexual desire the behaviour of the human in his sexuality must correct but there are asexuals that have sex and still so are asexuals people the asexuals can search the alivie trhough of the masturbation but persons with the libido down are considered as asexuals despite that are asexuals people with the libido very high the person do not will want share intimacy with other or do have act with any else person whereby the asexuals people end masturbating alone without accompany do not need to somebody to realize trues intimes acts.

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