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Asexuality on CMM


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On CMM Channel is speaked of asexuality the invited were the Mrs. Soleda and the Mr. Ray they were invited the Mr. Jesus Dario also was invited to Channel he went on North Caroline speaking about asexuality the hoster has been Gary Showker the invited told their stories to Channel of TV CMM jesus dario said has doesn't feeled that intrisic desire in realize sexual activity with others the same said Victoria Soleda that she and her husband doesn't has had sexual activity is not celibacy is that they don't experienced sexual atraction toward theyself but they had an romantic relationship because the romantic atraction and sexual atraction is different Jesus Dario said doesn't have experienced sexual atraction toward others to be women and men live a Life without sex is bored for someones but for an asexual person live without have sex would to be such fun as bored don't alls the asexuals people is equal the most important is inside someones asexuals prefer masturbate without that feel to have intimacy with others depending the asexual person and their variables. 

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