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Policies resourses about the asexuality


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The policies resourses about the asexuality consists in the visibilization of the sexual identity named: Asexuality exist many resourses but using the policy for advocate the asexuality many know that the asexuality is not new for someones the asexuality is an absence of sexual orientation moreover to break mythics about the asexuality believing that the asexuality is same that celibacy the asexuality is more that the lack of sexual atraction or the down desire in make an sexual activity celibacy is when somebody can't have marriage and less have sexual relationships but to the asexuals people is nature don't have sex live without sex for an asexual person is easy but the difficult the digital age has included the asexuality in the policy scope for know in context the asexuality.

The next policies resourses about the asexuality treats to advocate and visibilizate the asexuality as sexual orientation and sexual diversity these resourses said for understand the asexual spectrum inside of the guilds for understand the asexuality advocate the asexuals rights about all person that is down the asexual command the proporsals of the policies resourses about asexuality.


  1. Visibilization of the asexuality in the educatives center as High school, Universities, politech centers academics center and have a meeting up with the education ministery for explain to the students what is the asexuality and that moreover exist other type of orientation that can get the persons without feel sexual atraction. visibilizate the asexuality in the highschool and universities is important include the asexuality inside of the topics of educatives development.
  2. Protection to asexuals persons that are vulnered per to be asexuals that has been bullied and that suffred of bullyng at the school home and others places without matter the orientation of one the humans rights says that everybody we have right to live the asexuals persons we are human and we have feeling to be asexual means not that one don't has feeling the protection and inclussion of the asexuality inside of the society and also inside of the LGBTQA+ community.
  3. Help the asexuals persons that has got traumas example: psychologic trauma, physical trauma for their childhood do not alone in the childhood of the asexuals persons if not the persons that are asexuals than are living with their partner and families but yet so received bad treatments by part of theirs families allies and friends the therapy is important with aid of psychologists for understand that the asexuality is normal.

4.The universal rights of the asexuals parents also there are other very good proporsal talks about the universal rights of the asexuals parents to be asexual do not it implies in being parent exist many alternatives for to be parents (adoption, surrogacy, coparentality and in vitrio pregnancy) those 4 ways to get a child being an asexual person to be asexual means not that one can't get children the asexuals persons have the right of breed to their children alones or accompanated 

These are the policies resourses about the asexuality advocate very good the asexuality include the asexuality and is obviously that to future make a guardianship that advocate and visibilizates the asexuality as sexual orientation and an inclusive diversity inside of the LGBTQA+ community and outside of the LGBTQA+ community.

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