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Decalogue of an arromantic


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The next decalogue shows rules trues about true behaviour of an arromantic person or person that is down of the arromantic spectrum follow someones rules for respect the around of the others and of oneself coming up the decalogue with his 10 rules about the arromanticism.

  1. The arromantics do not experiments romantic atraction and romantic feeling toward others 
  2. To the arromantics do not like the hugs, kisses, petting, pampering and sex there are someones than not others yes.
  3. To the arromantics it frustrates them the idea about wedding romance and dates and things so
  4. An arromantic do not receives flowers, chocolates box, serenades because is arromantic do not has the need of is receiving things such romantic.
  5. The arromantics feels love; love by theirs pets chicken's nuggets love toward their families and friends most not romantic love.
  6. Respect to the arromantic people and also tp the persons that are down of the arromantic spectrum.
  7. The arromantics do not understand the romantic music and the stories of romantic contened the arromantics simply they do not like it the relationed to the romantic.
  8. The arromantics they would like the sex because sexual atraction is different to the romantic atraction there are arromantics persons that are asexuals while that others not.
  9. Visibilizate the arromantic spectrum so as; the arromanticism or arromanticity the arromanticism is an spectrum that abarcates trues subcategories in an self umbrella.
  10. There are arromantics persons that are serious others have the good sense of humor others would laughing them alone because one is arromantic can't laughing it. 
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