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The asexuals and the sexual abuses


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There are asexuals persons that in their childhood received sexual abuses or they had trauma by lack of explacation of the parents there are persons that believe that oneselfie is asexual because has been abused or acosed sexually in others words the traumas would be psychologic because a person to receive true type of abuse won't mean what that person to be asexual after to be abused in his childhood there are asexuals people that has been abused duranting in their childhood while that others not how many children are abused inside of the familie home? and those children that were abused or have a sexual trauma won't mean that being asexual in a future is probably that somebody that duranting in  his childhood don't received abuses by part of his families friends and others persons maybe that person that received abuse acceded to inappropiate contened example movies for adults as the pornographies there are childs adolescents that without permissions of theirs parents or anywhere adult today the teenegers can access to anywhere in theirs cellphone tablets and smart TV is for that use the parental lock for avoid that the children access to inappropiate contened don't alone the sexuals abuses by parts of families and friends are psychologic traumas also the access to inappropiate contened would cause a psychologic trauma to future is for that than we must avoid the abuses explaining very the sexual education the asexuals we are with out sexual orientation because i has considered that my sexual orientation is for lack of sexual orientation receive inappropiate touching in the privates parts or access to have sexual relationships without consent of one and the access to the pornography to early age would be a trauma duranting all the life for one but the sexuals abuses traumas and others psychologic behaviours wouldn't transform to anybody in asexual the asexuality is the lack of sexual atraction means not that if one selfie was abused in his childhood to night to the morning is asexual after to be abused really or traumed for something or somebody a tip always take therapy.

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