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Jesus dario is asexual politically


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The young @jesus dario is declared politically asexual how so?.

Many are asking why an policy asexual declaration this to the hand when one says an policy declaration is treats to exit of the closet as an asexual person the young Jesus Dario is declared politically asexual does refrence to the he had exited of the closet and he told all to the community is say the neighbors of the block to 32 persons the dear Jesus Dario is declared alfront of everybody as politically asexual this is for undefine time this is a process of time as the persons understand the meaning of asexual the asexuality is an sexual orientation based in the lack of sexual atraction is offcourse that the down desire or interess of the persons is different not alls the asexuals or aces are equals there are someones alloromantics is say would feel romantic atraction others than are Greysexual, Demisexual and others indentities that are in the asexual spectrum others are arromantics example am i an asexual arromantic or aroace label that i use for can identify me Jesus Dario exited of the closet as asexual and is said politically is that treats to open more the people for the that the people meet what is the asexuality visibilizate this sexual orientation sexual must be included in the sexual diversity still that part of the society and the community of LGBTQA+ sometimes are we doing rejected for parts of the people are we normals persons we're humans made of meat and bone also we have feeling families pets allies the only we don't feel us the asexuals persons is interess in have sexual relationships with others exceptuing the masturbation if an asexual choice masturbate yes, or not is his right nobody is obligated to do things that one don't wanna the asexuals persons sometimes would have sex but finally the sexual relationship end being such unsatisfactory there that visibilizate educate and including inside of the schools the asexuality that everybody meet the asexual word the humans we can be asexuals as the plants but this is an sexual orientation that we must learn on the school and the campuses of the university and sign a little decree relationed or made for the community alls we are the right to live the sexuality as one wanna.


Finally for my proporsal @jesus dario is declared politically asexual inside and alfront of the community of his house and the also of this community of asexuals asexuality visibility education network (AVEN) thanks the asexuality is some that we must learn and meet more we can change with heart i wait that my message arrives to everybody as @jesus dario did alfront of his community and here as asexual.


thanks god blessing to everybody huggins and bye.;)

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