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What does means to be asexual? with Jesus Dario

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The asexuals people are that than do not feel sexual atraction towards anothers the asexuals persons have genitals but asexual isn't what the humans have genitals the men have penis and the woman vagina but the sex of the person is in the genitals of the person we must not confuse the sexual orientation with the gender identity the asexuality is an sexual orientation how anywhere other sexual orientation the asexuality is vality.

1.What is being asexual really?

An asexual person is that don't feels sexual atraction toward anothers or do not have the intrisic interesse in keep an sexual relationship with other person but the asexuals someones yes have sex but the sexual relationships have unsatisfactory i for example i identify as an asexual person i think that i don't sexual atraction toward anothers being men and women and really if i'm would in relationship i will stand unsatisfacted as asexual that am i.

2.The asexuality is synonimous of celibacy?

The asexuality is an sexual orientation while the celibacy is a religious condition the person do not have or can not have sexual relationships by said motives example the religious they can't have sex the relationship always accepted in the hetrosexual relationship as i said the asexuals if have sex but there are someone that have sex others not but also there are asexuals persons that have sexual relationship for curiousity or is probably that arrives to masturbate.

3.The asexuals also are masturbate?

There are asexuals that don't arrives to have sex with partner but is probably that are masturbate the masturbation almost always is not joined to the sex the masturbation is treats of give pleasure one same with the hand or objects the asexuals yes are masturbate but there are that choice masturbate yes or not everybody we have decissions that take and yes exist asexuals that are masturbate but they do but avoid the stress or the dream bad benefits that the asexuals have yes choice masturbate or not.

4.Exist others persons that are asexuals or not alls the asexuals are equals?

There are asexuals persons that is probably that would feel sexual atraction towards anothers others feels littles points of atraction the greysexuals and the demisexuals the asexuality apart from be an sexual orientation also is an spectrum because abarcate identities trues down of the same spectrum the asexuality is an umbrella term the greysexuals are down of the asexual spectrum and the allosexual spectrum the person would feel rarely sexual atraction circunsentantials points of atraction.

5.And why to be asexual @jesus dario?

The asexuality is not a election that oneself choice really for me the asexuality is an sexual orientation i for example i identify as an asexual and my degree of asexuality is an 70% of my asexuality my degree of asexuality is very strong as an probability of an 70% of my grade of asexuality.

Result chart

Is very strong the asexuality degree the numbers don't lie.

Result chart


The purple spot am i 25% of herosexuality and 32% of homosexuality where i put me in the asexuality quadrant.

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