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Why we masturbate us?

jesus dario

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Hello always i hadn't feeled sexual atraction but i self i'm doing me the question am i an asexual person but why i have than fall in the tentazion of the masturbation there are asexuals persons that their masturbate but why we masturbate us?.

the answer is simply easy there are asexuals persons that their masturbate while that others not the masturbation i think that don't is necessary masturbate him but if somebody wanna or has the desire to masturbate the masturbation always had existed duranting all the time since to age early we masturbate us but why we the asexuals, we masturbate us? why we do this types of things? the masturbation is bound to the sexuality.

there are persons that believe that masturbate them is bad is an health problem very hard to explain but i self i don't known that was this and the meaned of the masturbation word there are asexuals persons that their selfe feel the necessesity to masturbate theyselves but everybody to we masturbated us someone day but the masturbation would is bound to the sex the asexuals persons are persons that don't have sex relationships but masturbate is some normal is dangerous masturbate or exist legendes to evite the masturbation which is the aliviate that feel the persons to masturbate their? i for example i masturbate me is as have sex as i'm asexual obviously i standed insatisfactied is say but me the masturbation is as a bowl fulled of nachos to me the nachos i don't like and referring to the masturbation i think that isn't necessary end in the masturbation about all is oneselves is having sexuals fantasies.


I don't wanna masturbate me but a friend of the high school he said me that the masturbation is healthy still i hadn't discovered my sexual orientation am i confused in that epoch.



I was confused if i was asexual , gay, bi, hetero or arro?


For me this is a madness alone i masturbate because i think i necessite masturbate me for evite the prostate cancer but i don't wanna in the tentazion to masturbate me pleasse thanks..

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