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Questioning/Possibly just confused on terminology and labels

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Hello! Sorry if this doesn’t exactly fit into the Aromantic theme of the site. 
1 (25M) had a question going through my mind for a while now and didn't quite know where or who to ask. I figured Reddit might be a decent option but I didn’t get anywhere. Go figure.
i've always considered myself straight and have only ever dated cis women. However, when it comes to social/political issues l've always been way left of center. The past 2.5 years I've been single and while I haven't had any dates with any trans or same sex people it's something that's bounced around in my head. "Am I actually OPPOSED to this or that?" Etc etc I wouldn't be pressed if a person I was attracted to and wanted to date was fluid or used she/her, they/them, he/him, or any other pronouns. And I've even bounced around the idea of being comfortable with another penis as long as the person has fem features. The conclusions I've come to are 1.) I don't think I'd ever be comfortable being with a cis gay man 2.) Trans men/women would depend on how fem they look TO ME (subjective) I do want to stress that I don't think how they look changes anything about their identity in my eyes. (Ex. If I find a trans man attractive, he's still a man/If I don't find a trans woman attractive, shes still a women.) I was talking to one of my friends about this and they mentioned possibly being Pansexual. I've been looking into it and one of the most basic definitions (there were several examples with varying degrees of nuance) is the attraction to a person regardless of sex or gender. I didn't quite know how well that fit as I still had certain blocks/ preferences (cis men/fem features).

**My question for you all (and if I'm out of line please tell me and educate me) is would my acceptance of any/all pronouns and attraction to trans men and women with fem features garner the pansexuality label or would the restrictions I have against cis men and masc features block me out? I'm not losing sleep or stressing too much about the decision. I'm fortunate to be fairly comfortable regardless of the decision. However, I understand that I'n not fully learnt and if I get checked and put in my place then I'm still more than happy just being a straight ally.

Thank you and Happy Pride!

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