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The worldpride 24th of june 2017


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I exited for the streets and the avenue where had marchs a march of the LGBTQIA+ community; the community exited to marchate in the carnival of gays lesbians and bisexuals the asexuals people also participed with cymbals and drums the asexuals persons walked on the avenue and showed their pride the asexuals people raised theirs asexual flag with the 4 colors mainly the black, the grey the white and the purple the allies, families also wanned participate on the march a carnival the LGBTQIA+ community explained that the sexual orientation is different that the romantic orientation both share variables true but are 2 things very differents.


The arromantic worldpride: 

The arromantic worldpride started on 2017 had a march of the LGBTQIA+ community where a persons with the arromantic flag pride they were marching with boths of the flags so showing their pride so as arromantic and asexual the march has been the best of alls

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