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My child is masochist- Horror movie


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My child is masochist has been an horror movie where a child of 6 years old has behaviours trues as a masochist the argument of this stoty was realized on the 2004's year the little kent of 6 years old killed to his adoptives and searched to his parents trues Stephanie & Carl both were the parents of the child to the kid he liked being mistreated bad in time to cry he's laughing only for the child was funny but his parents standed impressioned with the issue of that his child has problems had murdering by alls parts the kid had a behaviour not normal but the dad likedn't what his kid did was terrible.

the kid only was 6 years was some normal this types of behaviours to age early is some of don't understand after of that the secretary of the mom of the little boy disseased of the secretary of his dearly mum  the kid exited of the closet and he had manifested as a queer kid brook the rules of the gendernormative and the hetrosexuality the kid was a shame for the society in general a lack of morality.

after of 1 year of madness and masochism the kid received a gift the nanny of the little kent now with 7 years old wanned exit and don't backcome to work and care to the young because is really unsoportable nobody wanned care to the poor kid that exited of the closet and all the madness of the little kid for show his pride since very early.

when the kid received the gift he opened and exited a box glove and he hit it but finally the kid ended laughing.

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