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My child play with dolls he'll backcomes gay?


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 Many parents believe that if their children play with doll they'll backcome gay or homosexual or that the child is will transform in girl there is an example if we see as a child is playing with doll maybe in a future is will backcome gay or will girl? these are muchs stereotypes very wrongs we're in full XXI centuty befory the families parents said if a boy plays with doll is backcomes gay will be in a future woman but these stereotypes are bad used today in day already parents accept that theirs children play with anywhere thing being dolls cars, all type of toys a little toy unofensive will backcome gay to the children the toys don't sexualizate or change the gender of the persons  nobody is backcomes gay because simply a little boy is playing wiyh doll there children that are queer and that to their step early they wouldn't exit of the closet.


maybe by the freak to that theirs parents don't understand never or by society pressions an endless of things the toys can't change the sexual orientation of the young and the gender not if a child is playing with dolls there is than think 3 times analizate and understand because today in day the things changed exists rights and the LGBTQA+ community knows that is something normal a children of preschool age is playing with a doll is will backcome gay or will be girl in a future because is maybe in a future will asexual by example the issue is seriously serious the changes of the young hasn't nothing that with the toys are discussions pures there are parents that believe that theirs children are a shame for their family and the community in general but generally for me concept i obviously i will leave to my child plays with doll hasn't nothig of bad there that change and eliminate those ideas of the head of anywhere way this don't goes to change the sexual behaviour and the gender and sexuality of the children the parents should accept to theirs as are and don't as the parents wanna the gendernormativity society says that the fact of that if the child plays with dolls to the cooky games created for girls change his status of gender dependying of the gender identity of the young.


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