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Metaphisician thoughts of Jesus Darío ríos Negrete


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I have considered myself as an asexual and aromantic person and my identity thought is metaphysical I will be using metaphysics I myself understand that I am asexual or that I am on the asexual spectrum and I am also aromantic I have used these two identities they are very different but there is some variability is That is why I identify myself as an aroace person.
The unconscious, the conscious and the ego.
They are three different egos that are within the thought of a person.
The unconscious is that little other ego that one has as a form of impulse, it is like doing something unconsciously, I see my thoughts, the unconscious was suppressed by the conscious, my orientation is directed towards nobody, I analyze that I am aware of what I say, that if I am asexual the unconscious that is the other ego was repressed by my conscious we have 3 egos the unconscious the conscious and the ego finally the ego is the way of the "I" to express myself what I say is very conscious I am aware of what I say but I am unconscious In what I do, I express myself in a certain way that the ego pays attention to my consent, but perhaps the unconscious can escape the suppression of the consent.
And I am Aroace because the consent tells me and the ego expresses it with pure sincerity is the truth.

Thank you...

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