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Asexual policy declaration from Jesus Dario Rios Negrete


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Decree No. 1 Article 1 Law 765 of the 2019.

According to the decree no. 1 article 1 of the law 765 of the 2019 the youngest @jesus dario is declarated politically asexual in others words this is an declaration whose is policy there changes and will have more news changes Jesus Dario Rios Negrete of 21 years old is has been considered asexual on 2019 while he was studying on the high school and with the fulfillments already officers @jesus dario wanna put various proposals that will do than the law end on visibilizate to the asexuals people and everyone the people that are they down of the asexual spectrum these changes won't affect to nobody and neither to the others and maybe this is a simple decree very long but the proposite unic of the dear @jesus dario is that everyone the persons alround to him him help they and him give they an hand for follow more forward there is an spèech wrotte made in hand by the selfe Jesus Dario Rios Negrete moreover Jesus Dario Rios Negrete has not libidus is say himselve don't has that sexual impulse for desire or make an sexual activity and as no sexual atraction atractive meet toward anywhere person being male or female of anyehere gender and sexual orientation the Mr. Jesus Dario Rios Negrete of 21 years old is declarated asexual politically and has the rights and the homeworks as anywhere human alone is asexual and the asexuality is an sexual orientation toward nobody the person don't feel sexual atraction moreover the sexual relationchips always ends insatisfactory are rights and as an asexual person must i achive my rights and homeworks politically i'm speaking and also advocating the asexuals rights of the asexuals  students in the educatives centers and every who oneselve a tag because we can do something for change this earth piece 


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