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The Aro Census 2020 Report


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About The Aro Census is an online community survey whose purpose is to gather information on the makeup of the aromantic community. The initiative was started by AUREA in 2020 and is intended to be a bi-yearly project. This report shows the results of the 2020 survey. The team behind the creation, dissemination, analysis, and report writeup for the Aro Census is international, and is composed of volunteers. The volunteers are entirely arospec or a-spec and come from a variety of backgrounds. The following groups and individuals were involved throughout the various stages of the project: ● The AUREA team ● Grace Vestuto ● aspec of stardust ● Birgit/Yellow ● gracesofluck ● Markus Lilienthal ● Shelley If any readers of this report are interested in being part of the team in the future or have any questions about the report, please email AUREA at contact@aromanticism.org. Distribution of this report, in whole or in part, is allowed, as long as proper credit is given to the Aro Census team. To refer to this report, the following citation is recommended: AUREA Aro Census Team 2020. (2021). The Aro Census 2020 Report. AUREA. https://aromanticism.org/aro-census. Aro.

e, acespec, ace-spec Short for “asexual.” All of these terms can be used to refer to anyone who identified as somewhere on the asexual spectrum, and we use these terms as both specific identities and umbrella terms for the asexual community. Trans Short for “transgender” and/or “transsexual*” (*a more outdated term). We define trans in this survey as anyone who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, whether wholly or partially. Queer We use this term both as a specific identity (e.g., queer as a sexuality, genderqueer) and as a broad term to describe the LGBTQIA+ community

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