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I suffried of bullyng by my sexuality

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Hello i'm going to talk a little story when i was 14 years i went on the puberty was a adolescent still i don't know that existed the asexuality and the arromanticism in that case i was a child but on the year of 2019 when i was 18 years i went loving me of a guy i'm going to say that i'm not gay less heterosexual if i'm asexual i feeled littles sexuals impulses toward my classmater is named Andy liked the soccer but i suffied much bullyng and i wanna argue this i don't known if exists the asexual term and arromantic term i don't has sexual orientation my classmaters said that i was maybe gay,bi or not they don't known what is the asexuality and the arromanticism when i was at the highschool at 8th frade i was loving of a girl but a friend said me that i must have sex with she obviously i don't wanna have sex to my the sex i don't like i'm asexual friends since that i was 15 years old i was considerating asexual moreover i split up the sexual orientation and romantic orientation i said to my friendgirl what i'm not gay no hetero no bi if not asexual is the true i don't  have shame to say moreover a classmater has been expulsed after have by touched my privates parts a friendgirl is angrys with one of my friends because they were tounching my genitals if i would been gay that of that my classmaters were they tounching me my genitals would i love me but not there are an err a classmater o friendgirl tounching without permisse i think that the idea to take or tounching the privates parts of the others is very terrible so i don't feeled noone of pleasure or sexual act is for that that i don't wanna participate in sexuals activities if i masturbate but that don't i go to abandonate to do anyway i had suffried much at my school alone i wanned talk this.


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I feel really bad for how you where bullied, and for the people who touched your genitals you could get them sent to prison for sexual assault, At least the good thing is your out of school, so you won't be bullied anymore.

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