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Asexuals Parents With Children


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Many wonder if asexual people can have children?
yes of course asexuals or people within the asexual spectrum if we are humans who can reproduce asexuality is an orientation towards no one there are asexual people who have sexual relations to have a child, it depends on the couple if the people are asexual or not asexuals have the ability to procreate an asexual man has millions of sperm inside his testicles an asexual woman can become pregnant but if someone asexual does not want a sexual encounter, the best thing is the process of surrogacy or artificial insemination or an adoption process literally, but if the child discovers that his parents do not have a relationship like mom and dad, that is, both parents are asexual or are within the asexual spectrum, we adults have to explain well to the little ones that asexuality is an orientation, it does not mean that mom and dad are hairy simply :roll: and because they are like that, children have certain You ask if he left his mother if he was adopted or the stork introduced him to his parents there is a man of homosexual orientation with children lesbian women with children trans people with children even asexual people with children the fact of being asexual does not mean that they can have children if for Of course, if you do not want to have children through copulation, there is surrogate insemination, and the adoption process, asexuality is an orientation, an asexual father is not a bad influence on children, there are gay fathers, trans parents, bi parents, etc. thank you...:)


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