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The Blessed Solitude


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Living in blessed solitude is the only thing that accompanies me in the future of course I am an aromantic and asexual person or rather aro-ace I always think about this and without a doubt I believe that by venting with these words in the forum I think that for many years It will be difficult for me to live the reality of not being accompanied when I studied in high school. I did not have a girlfriend and boyfriend nor did I keep a secret because I had the same lack of romantic orientation (arromantic) I did not have a certain interest in boys and girls they always talked about topics about it sexual references when I was studying some of the students became pregnant due to lack of pregnancy prevention methods in adolescents whose pregnancy in adolescents has decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic while people refrained from having sexual relations some asexuals without knowing what it really is to be asexual being locked up for the quarantine for asexuals I meet them casually where it is required I didn't have sex, it's not that I'm a gossip but sometimes the neighbors had sexual relations I'm of legal age I thought and I decided to have that sexual encounter, it's not that I have that abstinence but finally when talking to them I would say no if someone an individual is a man or woman proposes sex to me or participate in meetings where sex is a priority, in which as an asexual and aromantique person I would say 'NO' that is the answer I am looking for.
And if I say blessed loneliness since loneliness is the only one that accompanies me single or not in a couple or widower anyway I will be being asexual it is my quality and if I masturbate or not it is my problem and personal problems are kept secret with him heart in any case the same to be stimulated with the hands in the private parts or not, I will continue to be asexual it is my chance it is not that it is hard as a robot without a heart and without love I am asexual because I am and I am serious blessed solitude accompanying me in my beautiful, beautiful life.
Thank you...



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