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Improper Touching At The School

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The improper touching at the school are touching by part of the classmaters there children that in someones times they touch as form of game when the guys arrive to the puberty they explore their body such physically as psycologically and this times can happeness but disscuting of the topic there is adolescents that sometimes their touch is normal in they what the children their touch how an alternative of game? how a important role in a sexual game when arrives the adolescence there changes and these changes can be hormonals there are children that they touch between theys treat to explore their bodies there is teories that the children today in day imite to theirs parents moreover there is starts the sexual atraction of the children that probably arrives to the puberty there are question that the children at the school do example: what is the masturbation? i have erections and why? which is the size of yours genitals? you show your genitals pleasse? these questions sometimes can be critics blank as a form of critics by part of the people the children sometimes show if carry put underpants or treat to play the hipersexualization always has existed at someones schools or educatives plantels must have more sexual education for the children and the parents hide the sexual education as if will is a tabu but don't is the children today are more intelligent that the adults and we've explain that bdon't is fine touch the private parts of the others and that nobody absolutaly nobody mustn't touch the privates parts there is can happeness the abuses and that types of things there are that educate to the children.

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