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GreyAro Maybe?

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I have been recently questioning if I might be somewhere on the Aro Spectrum but have never felt 100% sure about it. Around 5 months ago I had my first crush (Im 15M) which should make me automatically think I'm probably not on the Aro spectrum. Still, for some reason, I started questioning my romantic alignment after having my first crush. Other than that person I have never had a crush on anyone, I thought you could only feel romantic attraction at a high school age, I didn't think most people were able to feel romantic attraction in elementary school or middle school until recently which caught me off guard. I did have what I thought was maybe a crush in 8th grade but after thinking back it was not a crush at all. I didn't get butterflies or anxious around her or even feel sad when I found out she already had a boyfriend, I think I just found her cool. I talked to one of my Aro friends about my questions and they told me they believe I'm under the Aro umbrella, and that one crush can count under little romantic attraction. I have also seen that I feel as though I fit with the GreyAro identity but a part of me keeps thinking that it's very plausible that I'm just a late bloomer when it comes to romantic attraction. I also go to a very small school so that would probably play a part as well. I know that when compared to my friends who are 100% allo Im different than them but that doubt is still there even as my Aro friends keep on telling me that my life experiences scream Aro to them. Advice or comments?

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Guest Sad aro

I think you can call youself grey-aro until furter notice, if it feels right for you now. If it chances as time goes on, that's no big deal. You don't have to use a specific microlabel either. Mostly, I just call myself arospec.

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