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Amazing ARRO-ACE.


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Within this asexual and aromantic term, many times we have a fear or a rejection as if we were strange or rare on this planet, friends, let me tell you, I, Jesus Dario, am ARROACE, what am I referring to? I refer to an asexual and aromatic term. aromantic and asexual person or a person who considers himself asexual on both the aromantic spectrum sometimes when one comes out of the closet, then because he makes fun of one and sometimes as I say.
to see someone's face because someone said something about coming out I'm not shy sometimes they tell me to throw a compliment and it's maybe they get beaten up or maybe if someone homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual comes to approach me I would reject them first Because I'm not at all convinced of having an asexual encounter and I'm not romantic with anyone either. I'm not sick, it's not crazy, it's not something that people 

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